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Appraisal for loan estimate of national and local government groups and management of other assets.
Appraisal for buying assets of financial institutions, government investment institutions and for buying and selling, mortgage and management of other pubic entities.
Appraisal for buying and selling assets in accordance with Acts such as Private school Act, Social welfare Act etc.
Appraisal of price and rental income.
Appraisal for various approvals and permissions, immigration etc.
Appraisal of real estate and factory for general sales and asset management.
Corporate asset and profitability valuation which is needed after establishing laws and mergers.
Non-listed stock valuation
Valuation of asset-transfer between affiliates
Valuation of intangible assets such as intellectual property (patent, copyright, design, trademark etc. )
Valuation of utility index by floor and location of building and estimated value of the construction cost
Valuation of establishment and management of schools, religious groups and culture foundations
Valuation to determine insurable value