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In spite of private property protection stated in the Constitution, the government is able to impose restriction(acquisition, use and limitation) on property rights under appropriate procedure and fair compensation, only when it is appropriate in public viewpoint. Appraisers estimate the property rights of certain properties which are the subject of loss compensation and then calculate fair amount of compensation, securing the property rights for people and allowing the vibrant progress of public utility.
Appraisal for consultation
When a project administrator has to estimate the amount of compensation on land etc., he or she has to request a land appraisal to more than 2 appraisers. However, when a land owner requests an appraisal, 1 more appraiser can be recommended by the land owner from the above two appraisers.
When a land owner wants to recommend an appraiser, he or she has to request to a project administrator within 30 days from the termination date of the reading-available period of compensation plan by adding documents. Through these documents, land owners (who owns ½ of the land area, the subject of compensation)should prove that the majority of the total owners of the concerned land agreed to recommend an appraiser. In this case, land owners cannot agree on recommending an appraiser more than twice.
Appraisers are selected by Local land expropriation committee or court in the cases of appraisal on decision done by local land expropriation committee or central land expropriation committee and appraisal of administrative liquidation done by an administrative court.