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Real estate consulting is an array of real estate service activities. Qualified professionals provide specific and professional solutions such as use of professional knowledge, guardians, advice etc. on general factors (property sale, rental, management, plan, finance, appraisal, testimony in court etc.) of a property requested by the client.
Highest and Best Use Analysis
Best development measure and review of feasibility of property development, advice on ideal facilities and right size/ investment profitability analysis
Location Selection and Market analysis (Site Analysis)
Economic power analysis, selection of location, market analysis, real estate investment and development for establishments such as factories, commercial buildings, hotels, stores etc.
Establish the best development plan based on rational and scientific methods in regard to the development of new residential, commercial and business use properties in terms of legal, economic, technological aspects etc.
Consulting on Real Estate Tax and Relevant Laws
Taxation regarding non-business lands, real estate related capital gain tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, general income tax, other real estate related legislation
Consulting on Estimating Value of Real Estate
Loss compensation, indirect compensation/property disposition by use and estimate of rent etc./ estimate of damages caused by violation of right of light, environmental rights and prospect rights
Feasibility analysis of Redevelopment / Reconstruction
Business analysis of redevelopment, reconstruction and union housing businesses, coordinating relationships bounded by obligations and interests of people and encouraging smooth and speedy business progress
Research on the right transformation and right coordination for joint development projects such as reconstruction, redevelopment etc.
Business feasibility analysis for joint administration and development such as reconstruction, redevelopment etc.
Property analysis
Full real estate related services such as appraisal of property value owned by enterprises, plan for reducing real estate tax, Highest and best use of analysis, profitability analysis for rental property etc.
Asset management and administration
General survey on estimate standard of compensation
Estimate of a fair sale price of the apartment by the household
Selection of appropriate business in commercial building and arrangement and estimate of the sale price
Estimate of a particular property price and rent
Land price survey
Estimate of the amount of damages caused by illegal construction, poor construction etc.
Research and advice on obtaining domestic property of foreigners and overseas firms
Market analysis of the effective land use
Basic survey on real estate
Real estate investment analysis, feasibility survey of development/disposition planning plan etc.
Coordinating interest among members of joint development project
Financial Planning, Expenditure Analysis, Portfolio Planning & Investigation, Marketing Assistance, Impact Analysis and Hazard Analysis
Other real estate related advices