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(1) Order and acceptance
Clients can directly visit our company to order a valuation or can order a valuation via telephone, fax and online.
(2) Confirmation of basic items
In this stage, we confirm valuation purpose and conditions, request public records regarding the subject and examine the records thoroughly.
(3) Establishment of valuation performance plan
The order is allocating an appraiser, set a site inspection activity plan and confirm valuation performance schedule.
(4) Site inspection
Identify physical conditions of the subject and type of ownership and research the characteristics of the region the subject is situated and price level of properties in the neighborhood.
(5) Estimate the value of the subject
Fair market value of the subject is estimated through an examination of the site inspection data and internal data.
(6) Examination of the estimated value and approval
Price review committee examines whether the estimated price of the subject is appropriate or not.
(7) Determination of the final value of the subject and preparation of the appraisal report
After determining the final value of the subject, we prepare an appraisal report based on proper valuation methods.
(8) Review of appraisal report
We review the accuracy of calculation, logic and reasonability of the report.
(9) Delivery of appraisal report
We deliver the report to the client and keep it.