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.The fee table shown below is based on ‘Standard for Remuneration of Appraisers’ (No. 2009-768 by The Ministry of Construction & Transportation - August 24, 2009)
*50% of the extra fee is applied to the standard appraisal fee for unusual assignments such as more than 6-month-retroactive valuation, special-use structures (bridges, dams etc.) and properties located in island and mountain areas.
Appraised Value (KRW) Premium Rate Formula
Up to 50 million 150,000 -
More than 50 million up to 500 million 11 /10,000 (Appraised Value×11/10,000)+95,000Won
More than 500 million up to 1 billion 9/10,000 (Appraised Value×9/10,000)+195,000Won
More than 1 billion up to 5 billion 8/10,000 (Appraised Value×8/10,000)+295,000Won
More than 5 billion up to 10 billion 7/10,000 (Appraised Value×7/10,000)+795,000Won
More than 10 billion up to 50 billion 6/10,000 (Appraised Value×6/10,000)+1,795,000Won
More than 50 billion up to 100 billion 5/10,000 (Appraised Value×5/10,000)+6,795,000Won
More than 100 billion 4/10,000 (Appraised Value×4/10,000)+16,795,000Won
Appraisal Fee Schedule
ㆍExpected appraisal value (unit: 10,000 won)
ㆍExpected appraisal fee (VAT/Required expenses are excluded)
Actual Expenses and VAT excluded
Actual expenses : traveling fee for site inspection, building inspection fee (3,000 won per Bldg.), fee for issuing public records, other fees for data and research activities.
Value added tax : 10% of VAT is applied to the total appraisal fee which includes the above appraisal fee and actual expenses.